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Pregnancy Massage

Growing a new life is a lot of hard work! Even if you are having a normal pregnancy, this process puts a lot of strain on your body. In addition, pregnant women often experience a high level of stress as they get ready for all the upcoming changes. At A NewYou, we want to encourage you to treat the pregnant woman in your life to a high-quality pregnancy massage at our facility! We know how to pamper expecting moms, and we always do it in a manner that is completely safe and risk-free for both mom and baby. If you've been trying to think of the perfect baby shower gift for an expecting momma in or around Gretna, LA, you cannot go wrong with a pregnancy massage gift certificate from A NewYou. Once you make your purchase, the mom to be can schedule a massage at her convenience. There is truly no greater gift than the gift of relaxation and pampering! 

We love pampering our clients here at A NewYou, so the gift of massage is also a great choice for others who are not expecting. If you think for just a moment, you'll likely be able to quickly come up with a list of people in your life who are dealing with stress. This might be because of illness, job loss, the loss of a loved one, or another issue. When you give your friend the gift of a hot stone massage, you are giving her permission to take care of herself instead of other people for a little while. A NewYou is conveniently located for clients in Mandeville, Slidell, Gretna, LA, and the surrounding areas. Find out more about our hot stone massage and other services by visiting our site which is located at

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